Should women be in ministry? theBRIDGE church's perspective

It is obvious to us that women were in full partnership and gifting in the New Testament. Although the men played a prominent role in leadership, there does not appear to be any direct restriction of women from leadership. We can find nothing that suggests women did not assume or should not assume a variety of roles in the New Testament Church. We see the women alongside the men, teaching, preaching, prophesying, providing material support and hosting church functions.

Women in the New Testament modeled the church practices for subsequent generations. Since we are to follow the model of the early church, it is indisputably seen by us that the women in the New Testament era performed the tasks normally associated with ordained clergy in the later eras. These roles are openly supported by various New Testament authors.

We see the New Testament women in positions of house church pastors, leaders, deaconesses, teachers, prophets, and even apostles. If the Holy Spirit did not restrict the women in the first church, why should we place restrictions on God’s women in the 21st Century Church?

theBRIDGE Church is honored to currently have two women on our staff as Pastors/Elders. They are Michelle Rashid and Casey Dubbs. In addition, we wholeheartedly support the Ministry of Joni Jones, who prophesies and interprets dreams.

Psalm 68:11

“The Lord gives the word (of power); the women who bear and publish (the news) are a great host.”

For further understanding, please check out this video clip by Andrew Wommack.

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