Did you know that in our society we have seven mountains of culture?  Did you know that our awesome God wants to partner with each one of us to engage our culture and influence it for His glory?

He wants to walk with each one of us, through intimate relationship, in our everyday lives, to have a profound effect on culture.

The seven mountains of culture are as follows:

  • Family
  • Arts &Entertainment
  • Education
  • Economy
  • Media
  • Religion
  • Government

Our God not only wants to be known as the God who saves, but also the God who governs (government), is creative (arts/entertainment), is a communications expert (media), is our loving Papa (family), is our provider (economy) and is our teacher (education).  This is important because there is almost no true knowledge of God in our society.  He is regarded by many people as a distant, invisible deity who only shows up in a church setting.

Which one of these mountains do you have influence?  Are you willing to walk with the Lord up the mountain, to break the enemy’s’ stronghold on that mountain?  The Lord has a wealth of new ideas and inventions that He wants to release into the mountains of culture through those who will partner with Him. Our mandate is to express His heart of love through every area of culture because when it is done His way, the earth will rejoice.

Stay tuned to the next blog, I will talk about the mountain of family……For more information on this subject, there are great books written by Johnny Enlow and Lance Wallnau

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