Pastor Dan Rashid: Part 6: Stretch Marks

“Stretch Marks” is a series all about how God uses the stretch in our lives to grow us
and expand our thinking and faith. None of this is convenient or comfortable but it is a
necessity if you are growing in God. As Christ followers, we are either moving forward
toward God or retreating backwards into our own control. Are you leaning on His power
or sitting comfortably in you own?
A rubber band isn’t much use unless it is stretched. Similarly, we will not achieve the
peak of our potential unless we are stretched by God.
Christian psychiatrist Paul Tournier explains that a pilgrimage of faith means having
the courage to step out from a secure place into an insecure place. It’s like a trapeze
artist who swings from one trapeze to another. There is that breathless moment when
the artist is in midair between the two trapezes. The performer has to leap, trusting that
he or she will be able to grab the other trapeze. Likewise, we have to stretch to catch
the next opportunity God sends our way.
The Apostle Paul sees himself stretched by God so that he can achieve his full
potential. It’s the same with us. We have to be willing to go beyond our comfort zones.
We must forget what is behind and strain toward what is ahead. We must relinquish
our fears and focus on what we can be if we allow God to stretch us.
Stretching means trusting God in moments of surrender. Stretching means walking into
our fears and coming out as people of faith. Stretching means believing in God when
we don’t see him working. Stretching means trusting God in all circumstances.
Then we will be more like “rubber bands” God can use to do his work in this world.

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