theBRIDGE Church was born out of prayer, and we believe that a vibrant prayer life is like oxygen for Christians.

“My house shall be called a house of prayer” -Matthew 21:13

But first off, what does it mean to pray? Is it a complicated set of rules with fancy language and loud voices? Does it matter what you wear, where you are, or how many words you use?

That’s not what prayer is about. Prayer is talking to God, who knows everything about you and is passionately concerned about you. Talking to Him about things on your mind, asking questions, lots of questions about the big and small things in life. It’s about sharing your life with the Almighty God who is jealous for you, who wants to lift the burdens from your shoulders and share life with you.

Here at theBRIDGE, we believe in a strong personal prayer life and in the power of corporate prayer, which ushers in an atmosphere of miracles. Here, we will pray with you and for you, and provide avenues for you to pray with others, such as prayer groups.

We meet every Saturday from 4pm-5pm at the Daybreak Community Center to pray for our church, the service, the city, and the nation. All are welcome! 

For more information, please email Pastor Michelle at pastormichelle@thebridgelive.org.

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