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I am blessed to have an incredible group of “Spiritual Mothers” in my life. Two of them, at different times in my life, have given me an incredibly offensive old book by Pat Harrison called, “Woman, Wife, Mother”. As I write this, tears well up. I remember my heart screaming and my flesh crying out, this book made me so angry and then… IT CHANGED MY WORLD!

Here is just a sample from “Chapter 2: A True Wife and Mother”

Proverbs 18:22 (AMP)says, “He who finds a [true] wife finds a good thing, and obtains favor of the Lord.” What is a true wife? She is a helper meet- someone who makes herself suitable, adaptable, and completing for her husband. She can do that because she has done it for her Creator. She has already had spiritual fellowship and intimacy with Him, so she can flow in it in the natural.

If you’re not a true wife, you won’t be a ‘good thing’. You won’t have the favor of the Lord because your actions and words will keep your husband from functioning as he should in God’s will. He will be trying to please you to keep peace. He no longer will be following God, but following you. Therefore, he will not obtain favor from the Lord.

Let’s look at another scripture, Proverbs 12:4 (AMP) says, “A virtuous and worthy wife-earnest and strong in character-is a crowning joy to her husband…” The definition of crown in Strong’s Concordance of the Bible- to encircle for attack or protection; especially to compass. The dictionary definition of crown- something that imparts splendor, honor, and finish, to bring to the highest point. The word compass means to achieve, accomplish and obtain. As a crowning joy, you are a virtuous and worthy wife, earnest and strong in character, a thing of splendor, honor and finish to your husband. You cause him to reach the highest point. You help him to achieve, accomplish and obtain the perfect will of God in his life because you continually adapt yourself , make yourself suitable and completing for him, and surround him with aid and assistance. Then you are his crown and glory.

The author goes on to share the second part of Proverbs 12:4,

“… but she who makes ashamed is as rottenness in his bones.” She explains, “A wife who is seeking her own happiness in the natural cannot help her husband be successful and attain to the highest. She is the kind who will put him down with her words and actions. She will laugh at him in front of others. She has no respect for him and therefore he has no respect for himself and he becomes small.”

Let me share with you, that these are some of the least “face-slapping” paragraphs in the book. And they are EXACTLY what God wants every wife to know. I opened this book and began a journey with God that, for me, will not end anytime soon. In the deepest place in my heart, I fully accept the responsibility of being a virtuous woman for my husband and a laid-down lover of Jesus!

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